Our shelving system is unique in that it is modular and can thus be added to/extended as required.  
In addition, it is ‘free standing’ thus no wall mounting required BUT can be secured to a wall if need be. There are different standard heights and depths:
Heights 1104mm (UP9), 1744mm (UP14), 2000mm (UP16) and 2256mm (UP18) 
Depths 300mm (S3s), 400mm (S4s), 500mm (S5s) and 600mm (S6s)

Being wood, the system can be modified or adapted to suite your requirements.
The uprights have a number of holes in them spaced 128mm apart which gives you, the client, the option to choose the distance/height between shelves.  The product code of the uprights tells you how many holes are in each upright i.e. UP9 has 9 holes, UP14 has 14 holes, etc.  This means that a 2 hole spacing gives ±370mm height between shelves, 3 hole spacing gives ±500mm height between shelves, 4 hole spacing gives ±630mm height between shelves, etc.
Each shelf/rack consists of slats spaced evenly across the depth. The shelves are our slim line (light duty) range – this means that the load capacity of the slim line shelf is 120kg per shelf. Each shelf is a standard length of 900mm, the slats are 16mm thick and the depths are as mentioned above.

Over and above the normal shelves, we also do wine racks which can be easily incorporated in a normal shelving system with a depth of 300mm. The wine racks can hold ten bottles per rack and the racks can be placed at each hole of the chosen upright i.e. a UP9 upright can fit 9 racks which gives storage/display of 90 bottles.

Our product is ideal for the DIY customer, business archives, office filing, product display, book shelf, storage, garage, etc. We have supplied numerous hotels where it gets used in their linen rooms and dry stores. Linen rooms are very popular as being slats, the linen can aerate once on the shelf.
A popular request from clients, hotel groups and certain corporate is abiding by the “Going Green” concept. Being wood, the carbon footprint is much less than that of steel and/or plastic and as stated above our system is much more adaptable/modifiable than steel or plastic equivalents.